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The Cintas Center exceeds all service and structural requirements stipulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Cintas Center offers 104 wheelchair-accessible seats with accompanying companion chairs.

Entry to the accessible seating area is available at gate 8A on the east concourse (via switchback ramp) or at gate 7 on the west concourse (via wheelchair lift).

The Cintas Center is happy to make arrangements with guests in need of assistance when accessing arena parking areas or seating. For all arena events, a drop-off/pick-up area is available at the main (south) entrance of the Cintas Center. Upon arrival, guests are encouraged to speak with a parking attendant regarding drop off and pick up of guests. Guest services personnel are on hand to assist guests with wheelchairs or provide wheelchairs to guests upon request.

The Cintas Center ticket office can exchange regular tickets for seats in the arena’s accessible area. Exchanges can be made on the day of the event, but guests are encouraged to call ahead at 513 745-3411 in order to ensure availability of accessible seating.

Guests in need of additional assistance at any event should stop by the guest services booth located inside the main entrance of the Cintas Center. Guests are also encouraged to call the events coordinator at 513 745-3989 for special arrangements in advance of the event.

Automatic doors are located at both the main (south) entrance and the Schiff Conference and Banquet Center (east) entrance.

All concession stands, restrooms and drinking fountains are wheelchair accessible.

The TriHealth first aid station (located on the west concourse beyond gate 17) is staffed by medical personnel during all arena events.

Addresses & Contact Information

Physical Address

The Cintas Center
1624 Musketeer Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-7510

Mailing Address

Xavier University
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-7510

  • Cintas Center Phone: 513 745-3900
  • Cintas Center email: cintascenter@xavier.edu 
  • Xavier University General Phone: 513 745-3000
  • Gallagher Student Center welcome desk: 513 745-3201


Alcohol is served during all Xavier men’s and women’s basketball games and volleyball games (with the exception of NCAA Tournament games). Alcohol will not be served during select special events such as high school basketball games, graduations and concerts at which the majority of guests are under age 21.

Guests are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into the Cintas Center nor take alcohol from the facility.

During events at which alcohol is served, each guest with a valid ID will be able to purchase a maximum of two drinks at any one time. Concessions staff are instructed to request ID from any guest appearing to be 35 years old or younger.

The Cintas Center reserves the right to refuse sale of alcohol to any person for any reason. The Cintas Center also reserves the right to cut off alcohol sales at any time. Guests are encouraged to drink responsibly.


The Cintas Center welcomes assistance animals. No other animals are permitted inside the Cintas Center.


The Cincinnati area

The Cintas Center is located just minutes from downtown Cincinnati and the following attractions:


The following hotels are within close proximity to the Cintas Center:


Take time to enjoy the following Cincinnati favorites:

Campus Highlights

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The Cintas Center cannot guarantee autograph opportunities will be available for all arena events. During women’s basketball and volleyball games, designated autograph sessions will take place. Announcements will be made during these games pertaining to the time and location of autograph sessions.

ATM Machines

The Cintas Center has two ATM machines for your convenience. An ATM is located just inside the main entrance next to the event ticketing office. Another machine is located just inside the east entrance on the fourth level of the arena.

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